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Vol. 2 No. 9 August 2008
ONE TO ONE - “Writing is the byproduct of reading. When you read only then will you write.” - Mr Saniyasnain Khan, Goodword Books
Delhi Book Fair Theme: Women’s Writing
India and South Africa focus for LBF
Asian Publishing Awards
Tata’s Hyper Books to Now Turn into Discount Store
German Book Office now in New Delhi
“Break The Rules”
Green Publishers’ Guild
Training Course in Book Publishing
PHI Learning
Course in Publishing
Workshop by TERI and German Book Office
Colombo International Book Fair
Dear Publishing Professionals,

In the middle of July I received a call from my friend, Mr Shakti Malik of Abhinav Publications informing me that CAPEXIL had announced elections for the post of chairmanship of the Books and Publications panel and that he had nominated my name for the same.

The elections were being held after a long gap during which time Mr Sukumar Das had been the chairman. I decided if I had the Federation of Indian Publishers (FIP) supporting me then there was no stopping me. An executive meeting of the FIP was held and it was unanimously decided that I should stand for the coveted post. From that day onwards I started collecting the nomination from various publishers and exporters. As my opponent was collecting nominations, I followed suit. At the end he had 52 nominations and I had only 25, though one requires only one nomination to stand. The ballots papers were posted by the Kolkata office on 14 August 2008 and the last date to cast the ballot was 29 August 2008.

This election gave me an opportunity to meet and interact as well as personally visit the offices of the members. These encounters made me aware of the position of our industry. Most of the eligible voters were my colleagues in the industry who I had met one time or another. They welcomed me with open arms and gave me their whole-hearted support while some of them mentioned their commitment. I appreciated their frankness and it also saved me from not bothering them again. During this period I met Mr Kamal Ahuja of Adarsh Publications/Impulse Marketing. He had shifted from his Yusuf Sarai office, so I somehow got his mobile number and spoke to him. We fixed up a meeting and I met him in his new office which was no less than a room in Oberoi Hotel – aesthetically and tastefully done up, with all technical gadgets. He is into direct marketing and is an exporter of books particularly dictionaries and encyclopedias. He exports them after buying from the publishers at special prices in large quantities of a 100,000 to 200,000 copies on a firm-based order. He markets these books in India and exports them to neighbouring countries and South East Asia. A unique exporter in himself!

Winning or losing is a part of the whole process and does not bother me, but it increased my understanding of the export business.

This month I interviewed Mr Saniyasnain Khan of Goodword Books; a soft-spoken publisher of children and adult Islamic books in the country. Of course I have known him for a long time, but this election gave me an opportunity to meet him in his office and understand his philosophy of work.

“Writing is the byproduct of reading. When you read only then will you write.” - Mr Saniyasnain Khan, Goodword Books

Q. You are a leading publisher of high quality Islamic books for adults and children. How and when did you come into publishing?
In 1976, my father, Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, started a magazine, entitled Al-Risala; At that time I was in the tenth class. I used to go to the Chawri Bazar to buy paper and would also visit the printers in the Jama Masjid area quite often. Somehow these visits influenced my choice of making publishing a full time career, which I did in 1983. In 1996 I founded Goodword Books. From 1983 to 1996, I was engaged in publishing books written mainly by my father in Urdu and English.

Q. Did you start the publishing house primarily for your father’s books?
The aim was to print Islamic books which were not only attractively illustrated but which were also of a high quality. As there was a vacuum in this area at that time, I decided to launch Goodword Books.

Q. You are a postgraduate in Arabic from Delhi University and belong to a family of Islamic scholars — father, sister, brother. What attracted you to publishing?
I believe I was inspired by my father’s writing, especially his interpretation of Islam in terms of peace and non-violence, communal harmony and mutual understanding. I wanted to spread this message, so I selected publishing as a career.

Q. You publish quality Islamic literature. In the initial stages did you have any difficulty marketing your books? If so, then how did you overcome those difficulties?
I never faced any difficulty as such. People were appreciative of the quality and content of our books. Moreover, the publishing fraternity and book distributors helped me to market the books in India and abroad.

Q. You started publishing children’s books under Goodword Kidz series in 1999. How is it faring and which are your primary markets?
Our primary markets are the US and UK. Our books are well received in this part of the world. Some countries raised objections regarding certain illustrations but that was a very minor. Overall there have been no problems in exporting these books. I did expect Saudi Arabia to have issues with the books, but instead, objections came from Egypt, where they continue to be raised.

Q. Your mission is to educate the new generation about the real Islamic values. How are you trying to achieve this goal?
I write stories on Islamic subjects and basically they are from the Quran. Every story that I write has a message and a moral value at the end of it. If we can familiarize the younger generation with these values they will grow up as peaceful members of society.

Q. Your books are somewhat high priced. Do you face any difficulty in marketing them?
Yes, I do face some difficulty in marketing my books in India and Pakistan, as these are price-sensitive markets. No such problem exists in other countries.

Q.How far have you been successful in reaching out to non-Muslims in explaining what Islam is?
Reaching out to non-Muslims is our main goal. We regularly organize lectures on interfaith harmony. We attend various conferences in India and abroad and help in spreading the spiritual and peaceful aspect of Islam.

Q. Do you participate in international trade book fairs?
We do participate in some fairs in the international market – Cape Town, London, Frankfurt, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi – and also take part in around 10 major book fairs in Indian cities throughout the year. We market the Holy Quran in Hindi and English at a special price of 20 rupees, which has attracted a lot of attention and has helped in explaining to non-Muslims the real message of the Quran.

Q. Do you give rights of your books to other Islamic publishers or do you prefer to sell your own editions?
We give rights to publishers in other languages, namely Dutch, Malay, Urdu, Uzbek, Turkish, and Bangla, and prefer to market our English edition ourselves.

Q. How do you find the time to write regularly?
Writing is a junoon, a passion, and for your passion you always have abundant time.

Q. Do other members of your family help you with your business?
Yes, my sister Dr Farida Khanam helps me in the editorial and my daughter Sadia Khan helps me in with the designing work. Apart from that we have a good team of volunteers who help me with various other jobs.

Q. What makes your day – a good thought or a good order?
Both are need for making my day. The best day is when a new book comes out and I feel thrilled and thankful when it is well received.

Q. What are the kinds of books you like to read?
Basically non-fiction, which gives me food for thought. Writing is the byproduct of reading. When you read only then will you write.

Q. How would you describe a good book?
A good book should inspire the reader, which for me is the most important element. Also a good book in my case should bring me closer to God. It could be on any subject. For example, after reading Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time, I was in awe and admiration of the manner in which God had created our huge universe. If creation itself is so big, then how big is its Creator?

Intellectual Property Issues In The Publishing Industry
• Edited by S.K. Ghai
• Publisher: FIP
• pages: 200
• Paperback

India is a multilingual country and perhaps the only in the world where publishing is being done in 24 different languages. Keeping this in mind the Federation of Indian Publishers (FIP) in association with the Copyright Division of Ministry of Human Resource Development and the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), organised a workshop on Intellectual Property Issues In The Publishing Industry from 15 to 16 February 2007 in New Delhi. Such a workshop had been organised for the first time and was enormously successful.

The participants of the workshop were of the opinion that presentations and statistics used during the proceedings could be of immense help in their day-to-day dealings with the important issues of the IP rights. Thus was born the idea of compiling all the material in the form of a book Intellectual Property Issues In The Publishing Industry. The issues discussed in this book are as follows:

1) The Creative Industries in the book publishing industry.
2) Introduction to the relevant intellectual property rights.
3) The publishing value and supply chain.
4) Book publishing agreements.
5) Financial business models.
6) Reprographic rights and the importance of collecting societies.
7) Evaluation and valuation of intellectual property assets.
8) Electronic publishing.
9) Role of branding in marketing.
10) Emerging trends.

It is hoped that publishers will find this book useful in dealing with the intellectual property rights and its intricacies.

The book is an excellent collection of papers.

Pravin Anand, Anand and Anand
I congratulate you and the Federation of Indian Publishers for bringing out such a beautiful and valuable publication instead of relegating it to files. The book is very well organized and should be used as a textbook/reference book in Book Publishing courses. I congratulate you and the Federation once again.
J. Bhagyalakshmi
This publication will be extremely useful to us.
K. S. Padmnabhan, East West Books
The publication has come out very well and we will be happy to use it for our future references.
A. Krishna Murthy, Sahitya Akademi
It was a great experience being a part of the Intensive Course on Editing, recently organised by the Institute of Book Publishing. I am thankful to you for sharing your rich experience in the publishing field with us. The course has definitely helped me to update myself on different aspects of editing and publishing. I will surely be utilising the knowledge towards the growth of my organisation.
Nilesh Shinde, coordinating editor

Your were never born;
you will never die.
You have never changed;
you can never change.
Unborn, eternal, immutable, immemorial,
you do not die
when the body dies.
– Bhagavad Gita

Delhi Book Fair Theme: Women’s Writing
The 14th Delhi Book Fair this year has a special focus on women’s writing and throws the spotlight on 30 eminent women authors.

“Their inspirational works are being highlighted with an entire stall dedicated to them. Most stalls, national or international, too have stocked up recent publications on women. This is to encourage women authors,” said Shakti Malik, director of Delhi Book Fair.

Also participating in the fair are seven countries – Pakistan, Iran, Germany, Sweden, USA, Abu Dhabi and Spain, who will showcase a collection of books of international authors.

India and South Africa focus for LBF

The London Book Fair (LBF) has decided that India and South Africa will be the market focus countries for its 2009 and 2010 shows, respectively.
“We are excited at the prospect of being able to focus on two such rich and diverse publishing industries,” said Emma House, head of international development.

The theme of the 3-day fair to be held in April 2009 is India Through Fresh Eyes. The programme will cover linguistic, economic, geographic and demographic issues. LBF has tied up with the British Council, the Federation of Indian Publishers, ITPO and CAPEXIL for a 6-month series of activities leading up to the fair in April.

A spokesperson for FIP said: “The London Book Fair will provide great opportunity to our publishers and also to old and new emerging authors to showcase their latest titles, and highlight the progress made by the Indian Book Publishing Industry.”

Asian Publishing Awards
Four winners and excellence awardees were awarded the exclusive and coveted Asian Publishing Awards (APA) at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel on August 15, 2008 in Singapore. Mr Ho Kwon Ping, Chairman of MediaCorp Pvt. Ltd gave away the awards during the gala dinner celebrations. The celebration was the culmination of the Asian Publishing Convention attended by 249 delegates from 19 countries. Following were the Indian award winners and excellence awardees:

Category 1: Content Generation
Award: Excellence Awardee
Company: Dainik Bhaskar
Project: WB – The essence of PHENOMENAL WOMAN

Category 3: Design and Layout
Award: Excellence Awardee
Company: India Today Travel Plus
Project: India turns 60: A Celebration of Freedom

Category 4: Multimedia Advertising
Award: Excellence Awardee
Company: Dainik Bhaskar
Project: The Taj Mahal

Category 5: New Business Models
Award: Excellence Awardee
Company: CyberMedia Singapore Private Limited
Project: BioSpectrum Asia

Publishing Today congratulates all the awardees!

Tata’s Hyper Books to Now Turn into Discount Store
After buying out an additional 24% stake from the Ramaiah family, Tata group-controlled book and music retailer, Landmark, is all set to become both a discount and a neighbourhood store at the same time. Tata group-owned Trent has set up a new books, music and movies retailing format store – Hyper Books, which will sell bestsellers at discounts ranging from 10-20 percent. Their plan to experiment with language retailing will see books in Hindi and vernacular languages control a high percent of the total collection. The Tata-controlled chain has tied up with scores of language publishers such as Karadi Tales and Jaico Publishing House to increase its bestseller collections in local languages.

German Book Office now in New Delhi
The German Book Office with offices in New York, Moscow, Beijing, Bucharest and Warsaw, began its chapter in India in February 2008 with an office in New Delhi. The Indian office will act as a contact and information point for South Asian and German, as well as international publishers. Besides promoting German literature and books in the region, the office will offer various services – translation, funding for translation, organising events and seminars – for and to Indian as well as international book industries. As part of the Frankfurt Book Fair, the office will aid the publishers from the Indian sub-continent with any information and help regarding the Fair.

“Break The Rules”
Source: Women’s Writing

Mirage Books, an independent publishing house of Pune, has invited submissions from writers for an ‘experimental short story’ anthology entitled Break The Rules.

Mirage Books describes itself as a “new-age publishing house” dedicated to providing a “platform for budding writers so that their ideas and expressions can reach out far and wide.”

The deadline for submissions is October 15 and each submission should be between 1000-1500 words. Fifty stories will be selected from the entries for inclusion in Break The Rules.

Green Publishers’ Guild
The Green Publishers’ Guild, a membership-based association from the paper, printing, and publishing industries, in its bid to provide a forum to promote co-operation and understanding within the paper, printing and publishing industries and to facilitate the meeting of such companies has invited members to join its Guild. For further details contact, Ujjwal Lamington, TERI Press, 011-24682100/24682145, extn: 2428.

Training Course in Book Publishing
National Book Trust organised a Training course in Book Publishing in Shillong from 5-18 June 2008 in collaboration with St Edmund’s College, Shillong which was also the venue for the course.

Shri R. G. Lyngdoh, Ex Education Minister, Government of Meghalaya, inaugurated the Course. He expressed hope that the course would be useful to the aspiring publishers and writers who had enrolled themselves as participants for this course. The Chief Guest, Shri E. C. Bamon, Minister of Agriculture and Revenue, called upon NBT India to organise more such programmes in the different districts of Meghalaya, so that the youth in other districts could also be at par with the youth of Shillong. During the period, the Trust also organised a Book Exhibition.

PHI Learning
The name of Prentice Hall of India Private Limited, a member of FIP, has been changed to PHI Learning Private Limited with immediate effect.

Course in Publishing
Source: The Hindu

National Book Trust India along with Literacy House and Andhra Mahila Sabha is jointly organising a twoweek training course on book publishing at Hyderabad from September 10 to 23. For more information

contact 011-27099181.

Workshop by TERI and German Book Office

TERI Press, the publishing arm of TERI and German Book Office will present a workshop titled Successful entrepreneurial models for adoption of recycled paper in the publishing process which will be held on 17 September 2008 at TERI, New Delhi. It is the first such workshop being organized by the Green Publishers’ Guild.

The workshop is first of its kind in India and attempts to bring together stakeholders from the publishing and paper industry. The workshop is aimed at providing a common platform to publishers who would be interested in learning about the benefits of using recycled paper in the publishing process.

For further details visit

Colombo International Book Fair
The Colombo International Book Fair will be held from 20-29 September 2008.

Mr Shammi Manick has joined Taylor Francis from Oxford University Press.

Mr S. K. Das has joined as Managing Director in New Central Book Agency, Kolkata at their Delhi office from 5 August 2008 after retiring from UBS on 1 August 2008 as Managing Director, having served in various capacities in the company.

UAE/GCC/M.E. International Book Fair Schedule 2008-2009

Jeddah International Book Fair
International book fair of Algiers
Sharjah World Book fair
Damascus International Book Fair
Oct 2008

Sana’a International Book Fair
Oct 2008

Kuwait International Arabic Book Exhibition
Book Fair of Mashad
Istanbul Book Fair
19th Doha International Book Fair
Cairo International Book Fair
Casablanca International Exhibition of Publishing & books
Bahrain International Book Fair
Mar 2009

Abu Dhabi International Book Fair
Toy Fair M.E Trade show(books, stationery, Toys etc)
Arab Book Fair
Apr 2009

Tunis International Book Fair
Apr 2009

Izmir book Fair
Apr 2009

Tehran International book Fair
May 2009

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