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Vol. 6 No. 9-10; August- September 2012
ONE TO ONE with Dinesh Goyal, Managing Director, Goyal Overseas Pvt. Ltd.
Dear Publishing Professionals,

Recently I attended an award function to celebrate the creativity of youth. It was organised by Campfire, a publisher of Graphic novels, to give the "Young Writers of the Year" awards during the Delhi Book Fair. This was the culmination of a story writing competition for the students of class fifth to ninth who had to write a short story in two thousand words in various schools across India. They selected the three best stories from each class and honoured the students in Delhi. They have plans to organise the functions in Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai also. The best five stories, one from each class, will be published as a Graphic novel and the winners received an iPad and a trophy. All other students got a trophy and participation certificate.

I feel this is a good way to encourage children to explore their creativity through writing and discover the joys of literature. Hopefully they will be tomorrow’s writers.

This is an encouraging and pioneering step taken by the publisher Mr Keshav Thirani, the Chairman of Kalyani Navyug Media Pvt Ltd and he deserves congratulations from the publishing fraternity. I hope other publishers will also do something unique to encourage reading and writing among children.

FICCI organised the second publishers meet Publicon 2012 on 3-4 September on Digital Publishing. More than 200 publishers participated in the one and half day conference. All aspects of digital publishing were covered from creation to marketing.

Acquisitions and mergers have started taking place in Indian publishing. Recently S. Chand group has taken over Vikas Publishing House including their imprint Madhuban—this shows that Indian publishing has come of age.

I have interviewed Mr. Dinesh Goyal, Managing Director, Goyal Overseas Pvt. Ltd., who is the driving force behind the Goyal Prakashan group.

with Dinesh Goyal, Managing Director, Goyal Overseas Pvt. Ltd.
Dinesh Goyal
Q. You are one of the leading educational publishers in the school segment. What makes you so?

Ans. We publish books in all subjects from pre nursery to K-12. We cover over 25,000 schools in India and all Indian schools in the Gulf countries. We sell 10 million books annually. Our annual growth is 20% in exports and 30% in the domestic market. We have a marketing team of more than 100 people. We have weekly sales meetings in our office. I personally meet all my major buyers at least once a year.

Q. You have a very extensive marketing network in India & the Gulf countries; can you share your experiences?

Ans. We have resident representatives and branches in Lucknow, Patna, Kolkatta, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai, Bhopal, Gauwhati. We also have an office in Dubai from where we cover the Gulf countries.

Q. You have recently shifted your office to your own building in Noida. What facilities do you have there?

Ans. We have built an office block in Noida on a 2-acre plot and have 150,000 sq ft built up area. We have a staff strength of 600 people. We provide lunch to our staff at subsidised rates. We provide a homogeneous atmosphere for working. My brothers and I try to have our lunch together in the office.

Q. How many brothers and their sons are working in Goyal Prakashan Group and what are their responsibilities?

Ans. We are five brothers: Roshan Lal Goyal the eldest, looks after administration and marketing. He has two sons Ankush and Akhil. They look after construction and development of exports to Africa. The second, Ashok Goyal looks after finance and Indian marketing and his son Rohit looks after the domestic market.

Then its myself Dinesh - I look after Goyal Overseas (Pvt ) Ltd. and domestic marketing and my son Vikrant looks after exports to Gulf countries.

Then its Suresh Goyal who looks after editorial, production and printing unit Kewal Ram Gupta & Sons and our youngest brother Dr. Ramesh Goyal has done MBBS and looks after our three medical centres at Safdarjung Enclave, Chanakyapuri and Karkaradoma - all in New Delhi. All of us stay in Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi. Our third generation Ankush, Akhil, Rohit, and Vikrant have completed their education in UK and Australia and are being encouraged to continue the same in the coming future. This has helped us to bring about a corporate culture in our organisation.

Q. Who started Goyal Prakashan and how many companies do you have in the Goyal Prakashan group?

Ans. We have four companies but one group. The companies are Goyal Brother Prakashan established by our father Late Shri Kewal Ram Gupta in 1960. He started his life with Indian Book Depot in 1950. He joined Students Store and worked there for four years before venturing out on his own in 1960. Our Pita ji passed away in 1985. We started a printing unit in 1989 in his memory and named it accordingly. I started Goyal Books Overseas (Pvt) Ltd for export business to the Gulf in 1992. Goyal MRI Diagnosis Centre was started with the support of all the brothers in 2003 as the group’s contribution towards social responsibility- we provide diagnostic services at 50% discount to the lower strata of society.

Q. You also supply books of other publishers in the Gulf countries. Does this not clash with your own publishing/distribution or does it help in marketing?

Ans. We give a complete supply of books and exercise note books to schools as per their requirements. In the process what ever they need we provide. They give us a list before the session starts and we are expected to supply as per the list. It doesn’t clash with our own books.

Q. Tell us about your digital publishing programme & how is doing?

Ans. We supply digital content to students. We give a password and they can download the content, take the text material then solve questions which we check and get back to them. We have enrolled over 10,000 students till today. We are going ahead with this but financially we are not very happy with the results. We understand that the results will be there in the near future.

Q. What is the current total turnover of your group?

Ans. Our total turnover is INR 1250 millions out of which INR 273 million is in export and the rest is in the domestic market. So export is 22% of the total turnover. Our annual growth is about 20%.

Q. What facilities do you have in your printing unit and what are your future plans?

Ans. We have complete printing and binding facilities at our unit. However as all the books are required at one time, we only print small quantities at our own unit and books with larger print runs are given outside for manufacturing. We have ordered ECH Will line machinery for manufacturing exercise note books for schools and for exports. This machine will manufacture from paper to printing, folding, cutting, binding, stiching and at the end finished product comes out. In India this machinery is working at around 10 places and 3 machines are working in Delhi alone. It will manufacture one lakh copies per day.

Q. You are the President of RWA in Safdarjang Enclave and devote a lot of time to improve the conditions -how successful have you been?

Ans. Yes I am the President of RWA of B5 block of Safdarjung Enclave from the last few years. I devote some time in the morning to it and am quite satisfied with the results and have been able to do my bit for the security and safety of our area. Recently I have joined the BJP national party and will be trying for party ticket in the next assembly elections.

Q. How do you keep fit and manage to remain happy all the time?

Ans. I go for a morning walk everyday for 1 hour and that helps me in keeping fit and remaining active. I work very hard and enjoy my life. I love meeting people and keep in touch with them. This habit has helped me in my business. I plan my day and am never in a hurry - this has helped me in keeping happy and cool. I am a spiritual person and go to the temple every morning.

Q. What is a ‘good book’?

Ans. A good book established once will sell automatically without any efforts over the years.

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